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Locomotive TGK2 - serial Soviet industrial shunting locomotive with hydraulic.

While still producing TGK biaxial locomotives, in the 1960 Kaluga machine-building plant designed and began to release the more powerful and strong biaxial locomotive named TGK2 (Russian. abbr. of "locomotive with hydraulic transmission, Kaluga plant, type 2"), designed to work on industrial railway and as a shunter at railway stations.

Release of these lcomotives by Kaluga plant continues and as of 2008. Now the Kaluga plant produces modernized version of the locomotive - TGK2-M, which has more powerful engine and slightly bigger weight. Since 1960 more than 9000 TGK2 locomotives have been released.

Export version of the locomotive, designated TGK2-E (ТГК2-Э) came to the GDR (German Railways, 183 locomotives), Czechoslovakia (Czechoslovak railways, 55) and Poland (Polish State Railways).

  • Tractive force in shunting mode and the speed of 5 kmph - 7200 kg

  • in train mode and the speed of 10 kmph - 3600 kg

  • Maximum speed in shunting mode - 30 kmph

  • in train mode - 60 km / h

  • Locomotive service weight - 28 tons for TGK2 and 32 tons for TGK2-M

  • Fuel capacity - 600 kg; sand capacity - 180 kg; water capacity - 90kg.


More TGK2 photos


The actual prototype for the model is the TGK2-5999 locomotive exhibited in The Latvian Railway history museum


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